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Chocolate and Coins

In our 1st Imperium event, something very funny has happened to Sumer Karinca, our very own event advisor.

Sumer was wondering around and giving away candies and chocolates to kids, talking… Later, one kid just approached him and look what he said:

The kid: Here, take this chocolate. I thought it was coins…

Sumer did not understand the kid at first, he thought the kid was just teasing him. Then, he understood that kid was with autism. He down on his one knee and said:

Sumer: I am going to give these to you, however, you are not going to tell anyone, or show anyone. [gives a couple of change]

The kid: Alright. [gives back the chocolates]

Sumer: No need for you to give them back. Keep it.

The kid: But… i don’t like chocolate.

I did not see this because I was in my armor. I can barely see things, but a couple weeks later, Sumer told me about it and I wanted to share.

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