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Happiness: That’s all that matters in Has Imperium

As my school and I, we were very happy to be a part of such a wonderful Project which had a huge amount of people working on other’s happiness…

We made it to Khas University a few hours earlier before the event and immediately, we started decorating the hall. Honestly, when we first started I thought there weren’t enough ornaments and we wouldn’t be able to get things ready before the kids arrive. I was a bit nervous,  but then we had a little break to tour the university. I don’t think it took more than 20 minutes. When we got back to the hall I was shocked with what I saw! The hall was full of people who wanted to help and most importantly the decoration was ready!

There were balloons everywhere, cotton candies, chocolates, snacks for kids and their parents. I couldn’t imagine how happy they would be and yet, when kids started entering the room they were all smiling! During the day, I  met a lot of wonderful kids. We all jumped and ran around  the hall with them, It was a lot of fun! A part of the volunteers were serving the food, some were inflating(?) balloons and giving them to kids, some were chatting with the families and some were dressed as the story book characters. We had snow white, the red riding hood, a pirate girl, fairies and angels. The kids were very happy to see them. I was painting the children’s faces with sweet little hearts, trees, stars and some wanted to be cats with mustaches. I think it was the most fun part for me.

After a while, it was time for kids’ “wishes” to come true! More than 200 Khas students were like fairy god mothers and each children got their gifts from their matching student. They also got to see the Star Wars characters on stage and they were very curious about the people under the costumes!

At last when all the gifts found their owners, it was time to dance and watch the performances the children has worked for months. There was a very well-prepared traditional folk dance performance and another one the children made with drums which was my favourite. I was very surprised! In the end, It was shown in their face that they enjoyed performing as much as we enjoyed waching them.

I believe that Has Imperium did made a difference, It made me and a lot of  people become aware of disabled people and that even though we might not cross them on the street, they are out there waiting for you to help. They also have to socialize and they are very great people to be around. We have to do anything we can do to help them, spend time with them. After the event I was very happy that I could make a child happy and after a while you realise that it’s all that matters. The happiness on someone’s smile is surely permanent forever.

Next year, I will be attending to the Project again and you should, too.

Hazal Eylül Şenkoyuncu

Bursa Representative 

A note from the Editor: 

And we are so glad to see Ms. Eylül Şenkoyuncu & her friends and teachers from Private Tan Schools! Thank you!

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  1. Aslı Korkmaz

    Yazdıklarına bayıldım Eylül. Cansu’nun çalışmalarını çok güzel anlatmışsın 🙂 Bizde perküsyon etkinliğindeydik ve bayıldık. Cansu’cuğuma bundan sonraki çalışmalarında başarılar ve kolaylıklar diliyorum. İnşallah senin universite yıllarında böyle aktif geçer.. İkinizde süpersiniz:))

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