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My first charity event…



…was at Cibali Elementary School in 23rd April 2010. Me and my Has Lejyon buddies went an elementary school, which was really in a bad shape and wanted to make them happy in “children’s day.” We wanted to spend this day with the kids, whom needs us the most.



We were 12 people, 10 of them were our handlers. There were approximately 150-200 students, and kids were acting like crazy at the very moment that they saw us! Some of those were know that I was a stormtrooper, however, most of them thought that I was a robot or something like that.

When we were approaching at the midst of the ceremonial area, kids were following us. Okay, let’s be honest. There was a couple kids with sticks. And my friends were trying to give the presents to them, which the half were came from Hasbro. (thanks, again)

One of our friends was giving away the presents while asking questions to the kids about M. Kemal Ataturk or 23rd April, etc. Then she got disappeared! A couple of kids jumped her and screaming like “Where is my present ?!”

I send a couple of my handlers to take her from the crowd. We were laughing like crazy to her, because later, we found out that our camera shot of her while she was looking like “what am I doing here?!” .

After all of that… we loved to troop at there. And we got honored by the President of Turkey, Mr. Abdullah Gul, due to our efforts on this project.

Cansu Korkmaz

Founder & Stormtrooper 

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